ANZ Residence Loan with a fixed rate

ANZ Residence Loan with a fixed rate

With a hard and fast home loan, your rate of interest remains exactly the same when it comes to fixed-rate duration.

  • Regular fixed repayments that will help you budget. Budget confidently by once you understand your precise payment quantities and timings.
  • The timeframe is chosen by you. Decide on a fixed-rate period that suits your preferences. You could decide to make repayments regular, fortnightly or month-to-month.
  • Your rate of interest is locked in. Have peace and certainty of brain by once you understand just what your repayments is going to be and protection from rate of interest increases. Interest levels may but fall throughout your fixed-rate duration.
  • You are able to one additional payment up to 5% for the outstanding loan stability every year of the fixed-rate duration without getting charged Early Repayment healing.

Perhaps Not certainly which kind of mortgage loan suits you?

One year fixed-rate special*

18 month fixed-rate special*

3 12 months fixed-rate special*

Mortgage loan fixed prices term that is fixed interest rate*

Standard rate of interest
half a year *
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