Good Etiquette for Casual Sex and STIs

Good Etiquette for Casual Sex and STIs

I’m a woman that is straight my twenties, and also have experienced relationships since I have ended up being sixteen. Now I’m solitary, and gladly so – but I’m focused on having casual intercourse. I would like to have a great time and there’s some guy i am aware fancies me personally and I also will be well up for hooking up if it’s good with him– preferably more than once! But I’m stressed that when we begin resting together, thoughts are certain to get included and things are certain to get complicated. How can you navigate a healthier, enjoyable, no-strings-attached relationship that is sexual?

Ah, the Fuck Buddy concern. Honestly, it is about time. Fear maybe perhaps not my dear, I’ve got you covered. Permit me to provide:

The Golden Rules of a “Fuck-Buddy”/”Friends-with-Benefits”/”No-Strings-Attached” Relationship:

1. Accept that you’re in a relationship… Albeit one with a tiny “r”.

Sorry to burst your horny bubble that is little but there’s no such thing as “no strings attached”. Your fuck friend is an individual, perhaps not a dildo. They will have emotions and thoughts and a complication-filled lifetime of their very very own – and the ones are strings, Pinocchio.

And those strings tie you in to a relationship. Yes, a relationship.

Simply because the purpose of this relationship is not to have hitched, or have kids, and sometimes even go out not in the confines associated with the room, this does not make your knowledge about this individual any less valid, genuine or worth absolute respect. Continue reading