THE #1 PARTY COLLEGE CROWN Today the Princeton Review named Penn Say the #1 Party School.

THE #1 PARTY COLLEGE CROWN Today the Princeton Review named Penn Say the #1 Party School. Recently it was Institution of The carolina area. I remember as soon as my girl was looking off to school, Southwest Tx State University or college (now Nevada State) maintained the title. May that mean that this schools that aren’t scored don’t occasion? Of course not really. It means the fact that students who were polled online gave responses that gained them this title. These wear it proudly. However sobering that assumed may be, sanctioned reality.

This Us Life do an interesting compilation of podcasts around the college alocohol consumption culture. Being a parent, ?t had been an eye garage door opener hardware. Don’t get us wrong, I recognize that my kids sipped in faculty. I was not naive to think they would stay clear of alcohol to get four ages. But experiencing this podcasting definitely elevates some really serious questions relating to college ingesting and its change on our young college students.

Here are a few queries you might want to contemplate before your teen heads away from to college:

  1. Are you willing to let your teen go to the #1 Party The school (or quite possibly one that has been ranked)?
  2. Precisely how concerned have you been about faculty binge alocohol consumption?
  3. Do you think alocohol consumption is a ceremony of passageway for college students?
  4. How can you dissuade your teen out of overindulging in alcohol while in institution?
  5. Considering that a substantial portion of institution drinking develops at frat parties, do you discourage contribution in Greek life? Continue reading