Ways to get that loan to construct a home

Ways to get that loan to construct a home

Financing features can vary greatly for the first and home that is 2nd. Therefore, it really is essential to get your entire documents straight to pave your path to smoother applications.

1st Home

  1. Year proof of Financing Housing Loan Approval Letter ORHousing Loan Approval Letter* ANDHousing Loan Agreement/Mortgage Form 16A/Deed of Assignment/Title Deed that is in member/spouse’s name *If loan approval has exceeded one
  1. Proof of Ownership Land buy Agreement* ANDLand Title Deed/Land Re Re Re Search (Catatan Carian Rasmi) in member/spouse’s title

*If agreement date is at 24 months through the Construction contract

  1. Evidence of Construction Construction Agreement under member/spouse’s title or both (for shared construction) ORLetter of Oath – must consist of home details, house type, build begin date and construction expense with RM10.00 revenue stamp Construction Agreement dated not as much as three (3) years through the date of withdrawal application
  1. Evidence of Approval Property under Municipal Council’s jurisdiction

Approval construction letter by regional Authority OR An approved building plan from the regional Authorities

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