A Rejection Mindset: Preference Overload in Online Dating Sites

A Rejection Mindset: Preference Overload in Online Dating Sites

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Tila M. Pronk is Assistant Professor at Tilburg University. Her work is targeted on intimate relationships. For instance, she studies (online) dating and forgiveness, as well because the effect of specific distinctions like self-control on relationships.

Jaap J. A. Denissen is Professor at Tilburg University. Their work is targeted on the program between character therapy, social psychology, and developmental therapy. Broadly, he studies deals between people and their environment.

Managing Editor: Vivian Zyas

Tila M. Pronk, Tilburg University, Prof. Cobbenhagenlaan 225, 5037 DB Tilburg, holland. E-mail: email protected


The paradox of contemporary relationship is the fact that online platforms offer more possibilities to look for a partner that is romantic in the past, but individuals are however prone to be solitary. We hypothesized the presence of a rejection mindset: The continued usage of practically limitless possible lovers makes individuals more pessimistic and rejecting. Across three studies, individuals straight away started initially to reject more hypothetical and real lovers whenever dating online, cumulating an average of in a loss of 27% in possibility on acceptance through the very very very first to your final partner choice. It was explained by a general decrease in satisfaction with images and observed dating success. For ladies, the rejection mindset additionally led to a decreasing likelihood of experiencing intimate matches. Our findings declare that individuals slowly “close down” from mating possibilities when dating that is online.

The dating landscape has changed drastically within the last ten years, with an increase of and more folks in search of a partner online (Hobbs, Owen, & Gerber, 2017). Individuals have never ever had the opportunity to choose lovers among this kind of enormous pool of choices. Continue reading