Supply fears for flood isolated cherbourg, Canada

Supply fears for flood isolated cherbourg, Canada

(Updated 8:47 a.m. ET)

The Canada Meteorological Service said Friday that flooding near the city of Cherbourg, southern Quebec, has isolated one of the province’s largest reservoirs and has put local residents on alert.

It said the evacuation of the town of Cherbourg is part of a series of planned evacuations as the government is dealing with two very serious flooding threats in the region that are affecting water supplies to around 5,000 people.

More than 500 people across six communities have been urged by officials and aid agencies to stay indoors if they are able.

The Sûreté du Québec said the dam at the nearby Dammoulin reservoir is at the highest height possible. The authorities also advised residents who are affected by floodwaters that it is a dangerous situation and that they should leave town if possible.

There are no other evacuation바카라 룰s being issued.

There were no injuries reported in the region as a result of the flooding, said Sûreté du Québec spokesperson Luc Gaudreau.

The agency said there has been “no damage to property” and that the river in question is heading for the city’s main train station.

No warning

The Canadian Environmental Protection Agency said an emergency status is in place for Cherbourg, which sits within a watershed that runs through the high-risk area and has significant rainfall risks.

The city is located발리 바고 카지노 in the Sainte-Série National Park, and sits within a watershed that is at the highest altitude possible.

As of Friday afternoon, the dam at the dam, which is part of the La Sainte-Série National Park, had a height of 4,000 feet, according to the Canadian National Hydrographical Center.

There are several dams in the area, and several other dams are threatened by flooding, according to the Canadian Geological Survey. The height is higher than the top of the highest point in the Sainte-Série National Park, which rises as high as 4,633 feet.

Environment Canada’s flood warning remains in place for the region, meaning there are no reports of property damage.

In a statement, the department said it’s “working hard” to provide a comprehen타이 산 카지노sive information update on the situation.

The agency said water in the region is at the “end of its normal capacity,” meaning it is already higher than normal.

It said th